Stefan Pauwels


Welcome to my portfolio website!

I am a developer with 3 years of experience. The programming bug has bitten me when I was at a young age. I still remember the first program I made. It was a digital clock on my TI 83 calculator during my English class.

It's then that I knew what I wanted to become. During those early years I was constantly striving to hone my skills.Using online courses and by reading books. If I had a question I could ask it on the forums.


  • VBA
    At first I spend my time in excel and access. Access allowed me to rapidly prototype, create and deploy applications that would of taken a lot longer when starting from scratch using another technology.
  • Java
    To learn the java language I started making games with the Slick2D libary. I also became a moderator on the Slick forum.
  • C#
    To learn the C# language I created a lot of winform applications.
  • MVC 5
    Finally client side applications are getting replaced by web based applications and that is where my current attention lies. It's the future!