Stefan Pauwels


Hi, I’m Stefan

On this page you can find condensed information about what I know. No worries it's not that much yet.

My skills include:

  • XML: Read from XML using XStream. Use DTD's to validate.
  • CODE: Separate static data(immutable) from changing data.
  • AI: Create an AI player that behaves somewhat intelligent.
  • GUI: Thingle library
  • PHP: Read/write highscores
  • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA
  • Package and deploy using ant and fatjar
  • PHPBB3: Prevent Spam bot abuse on the forum by using
    + Random question on registering.
    + Newly registered users need to have their 3 first posts approved by a moderator.

I also played around with VBA in excel and access and finally made the jump to the .NET world. To practise I made several winform applications.

Additional Skills include:

  • Visual Studio
  • Linq 2 SQL
  • Database: MS SQL Compact Edition, Access, MS SQL
  • Winform databinding
  • Usability issues: Popups vs information in the status bar, pagers, scroll wheel and comboboxes,...
  • Config: Read/Write Custom configuration
  • IText: To create a PDF file
  • NPOI: To create an Excel Workbook
  • NBUG: Error handler
  • VCS: TFS


Want to know more? I keep an up to date CV on linkedin
Interested in code? I'm on github